What our Customers say...


I used SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth for duct cleaning in my rental, and they did a nice job and my tenant was happy. 

My week started off pretty bad when my grumpy three-year-old locked himself in the upstairs bathroom, turned on the sink faucet full blast, and blocked the sink drain. By the time I was able to get the bathroom door open, there was water coming out of my vents and light fixtures downstairs. I was so upset when I called SERVPRO! Will and Rodney arrived quickly and they reassured me that they could dry out my house. Now just a few days later, everything is back to my normal routine. Highly recommend SERVPRO.

Matthew and Tabitha did an awesome job taking care of the mold in the closet behind my shower. 

The crew did a great job removing mold from my air ducts. I would recommend SERVPRO.

My apartment got mold under a window, and I didn't like how the maintenance was handling it. So I called SERVPRO because I wanted the mold removed the right way. Matthew worked with my property manager on everything and the crew was very clean and polite. My chihuahua is usually horrible with people but she loved them.

A plumber's error caused mold damage in my custom home. I called SERVPRO and they took care of the mold problem. William and the crew were great and their attention to detail impressed my wife.

Great work. Couldn't have made it without them!

These men were so helpful during a difficult time of disaster. This team came from Fort Worth and efficiently worked- all staying within the timeframe and cost they quoted me. Awesome work Matthew, Kade, Colby, William and Kyle. So grateful!

Tabitha was great. She responded quickly and answered all of my questions. 

I would recommend SERVPRO to my friends, family and colleagues.  

SERVPRO was prompt, courteous and attentive to my concerns. Thank you!

William was amazing- no improvement needed. Thank you so much for a speedy call back and service.

I was so happy to have such knowledgeable people show up. Tabitha was great. she explained everything thoroughly and wasn't bothered by all my questions. You have awesome people working for you.

Matthew and his team were great. ON TIME AND ON PRICE!! They took the time to listen and understand the problem and took great care with our house and all the items in it. I would highly recommend Matthew and his team to all mt friends.

SERVPRO came to demo the inside of my house after a fire and they did amazing! They were very, very sweet, caring, and thoughtful. They asked about personal items I wanted to keep and took great care in finding those items for me. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

Very professional. Arrived when they said they would and completed the work quickly.

These guys really are available 24 hours a day. I can't believe a real person answered the phone at 3 am. Thank you for helping us.

Will and Kade were great. I was pleased with the level of service they provided.

As a small business owner, I can't afford to not be open. Thank you for helping me quickly and getting me back in business.

Gran trabajo! Gracias por todo.

I never would have guessed some of the furniture from our fire could have been saved. You guys do amazing work and I am so thankful.

When I saw black mold coming out of my vents, I was very worried. However, the crew that came to my house explained the cleaning process and everything was done that day. Thank you. Great job.

SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth was great to work with. They informed me about the process and stuck to their estimate amount.

I was worried I would be out of pocket a lot of money when mold was discovered in our kitchen. Matthew worked with my insurance company to get as much covered as possible, saving me thousands of dollars.

The crew was great. They truly made it, "Like it never happened."

The SERVPRO Team of Northwest Fort Worth was awesome.  They came up to Kansas City from Fort Worth to help with the overload created by extensive flooding in the area. Great group of guys, super hard workers, and really courteous.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. My particular situation was 5' of water in a 1200 sq. ft. basement - it was a nightmare but these guys were real pros. Thanks to Mathew Hicks, Cade, Colby, William and Kyle. You all rock!  Thanks again.

Very friendly and helpful.

I was highly satisfied.

Matt provided great service.

Matt was great!

Thank you for a GREAT job!

Great job!

All team members were awesome! Great job!

When I had a smoke-damage problem,SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth immediately responded to my call. I was very pleased at how fast they interacted with my insurance company. Everyone was friendly, cheerful, and good workers. They got the problem resolved quickly, so now my house is just like new... as they say, "Just like it never even happened." I am more than satisfied with the professional and friendly help I got from SERVPRO.

Thank you for your help in a time of need. Service was courteous and helpful! Thank you!

Great Job!

The crew was wonderful and very personable. I will gladly use again!

Absolutely the best service, very professional, timely and excellent work performed.

The crew was very professional and highly proficient. Thank you for alleviating my concerns with the water damage to my home.

The entire experience was easy and painless. I can not say enough great things about the crew. Incredibly professional and went above and beyond on every task. Overall, the entire crew was AMAZING and I would recommend them to anyone. Each and every guy on the crew deserves a raise!

Keep the great service!

The crew had my confidence from the moment they asked if I needed any help.... if he hadn't asked, I may still be drying my house. I would recommend this franchise in the future to my friends.