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Apartment Cleanup near Haslet, TX

SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth works with landlords, property managers, and real estate agents to provide cleanup services after messy tenants, "squatters," vandalism, and other special situations. We also provide biohazard remediation services. Our technicians are carefully trained, and approach each project with professionalism to restore the property to preloss condition.

High Winds Cause Rain Intrusion Through Roof in Fort Worth, TX

In the Fort Worth area, high winds, straight line winds, and wind storm watches and warnings are frequently part of the weather report. If your roof is affected by storm damage and rain water comes into your home, call SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth at 817-232-3333. Our crews are trained and equipped to quickly and thoroughly dry the wet materials so you can get back to your routine. 

Wood Floor Drying in Fort Worth, TX

Many people assume their wood floor is ruined when it is affected by water damage. Instead of tearing it out right away, call SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth at 817-232-3333. We have the equipment and experience to dry your wood floor properly in about a week.  

Fire Suppression System Causes Water Loss in Fort Worth, TX

Many commercial buildings and multi-occupant residential buildings have fire suppression sprinkler systems overhead. When a pipe bursts or the system malfunctions, water flows into the interior rooms at a very fast rate. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth at 817-232-3333, and we will be onsite quickly to begin emergency water mitigation services, remove the water, and minimize damage to the facility.

Offices with Standing Water in Saginaw, TX

If water damage occurs at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth at 817-232-3333. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster! Our crews are prepared to get to your location quickly and begin emergency services, such as extracting standing water, at any time of the day or night. 

Cleanup of Rodent Infestation in a Motorcycle in Fort Worth, TX

SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth is proud to offer cleanup and decontamination services for motorcycles, cars, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles. In this case, the motorcycle became infested with mice while in winter storage. The owner discovered mice had chewed through wires and hoses, and some mice were living in the compartments. His repair shop required the motorcycle to be decontaminated before the technician could perform the repairs. Our crew decontaminated, detail cleaned, and deodorized it, all as part of his auto claim. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth at 817-232-3333. We are here to help.  

Equipment Set Up at Mold Project in Haslet, TX

Homeowners in Haslet, TX discovered mold damage near the shower in the master bathroom. They called SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth to remove the mold damaged materials and get the bathroom ready for reconstruction. During the project, we placed a large dehumidifier to dry the wet materials and a HEPA air scrubber to filter particles out of the air.

Storm Damage and Water Flooding Through Patio Doors

SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth was called to clean up flooding and dry the home. Heavy rains combined with a slightly clogged patio drain, and water flooded the patio and into the house. Drying the materials took just a few days, then the homeowner had her contractor make repairs and updates before the next storm moved into Texas.

Fire Started in Garage in Fort Worth, TX

The contents of the garage and attic were heavily damaged by soot in this fire loss. Our project included pack-out/pack-back, contents cleaning, demo of the garage drywall and insulation, cleaning the wood framework in the attic and garage, cleaning the interior surfaces of the home, duct cleaning, deodorization, and cleaning the exterior of the home.

Water Damage in a Retail Store in Fort Worth, TX

When the utility drains backed up in this store, the manager called SERVPRO as soon as she realized the problem was more than her staff could handle. We were on-site quickly, and the business was open again the next day.

Standing Water In The Home Office In Saginaw, TX

Laminate flooring was under water in several rooms of this house in Saginaw, TX after a toilet was left running for several hours. Our crews extracted the water. The homeowner chose to have the flooring dried in place even though it had visible water damage.

Ruined Ceiling in Fort Worth, TX

High winds during a thunderstorm in Texas caused debris to break through the roof of this home. Rain water came in through the hole in the roof into the attic, and ruined the kitchen ceiling drywall. The roof was repaired, then our crew removed the non-restorable portion of the ceiling and used air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the remaining wet materials.

Mold Damage in the Guest Bedroom

Our crew discovered mold damaged drywall and carpet hidden behind a storage rack of clothing in the guest bedroom. The homeowners had no idea that the water had been leaking though the wall repeatedly during rain storms. 

Neglected Roof Gutters Can Contribute To Water Damage

Old ramshackle rain gutters on your roof may not be effectively redirecting rain water away from your house. Water can then rise up in the flower beds and around the foundation, and may leak through the exterior walls and flood into your home.

Fire Damage on Exterior of Home in Fort Worth, TX

Homeowners called SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth to clean up fire damage. The fire started under the deck in the backyard and damaged the deck, siding, roof, living room, and kitchen. All the rooms of the house also had a lot of smoke and soot damage.

Mold Damage in a Breakroom in Haslet, TX

At a local business, an ongoing slow leak under the breakroom sink caused mold damage to the cabinet and wall. Our technicians removed the non-restorable cabinet and wall. In less than a week, the breakroom was ready for reconstruction.

Dehumidifiers and Air Movers

If your house does receive water damage, our crews will bring specialty drying equipment. Air movers circulate the wet air. Dehumidifiers exchange cool wet air with warm dry air. Average drying time varies between 3-5 days.

What to do until help arrives

Shut off the water source if possible. Get contents off the wet floor. Remove excess water by mopping and blotting. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs. Remove Oriental or other colored rugs from wet carpeting. Do not turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet, and keep out of areas where ceilings are sagging from retained water.

Saving hardwood floors in Fort Worth, TX

People often assume if their hardwood floors receive water damage, they will have to be replaced. This is not always the case. If the remediation process can begin quickly, we can often restore the flooring, saving the customer thousands of dollars.

Many Colors of Mold in Fort Worth, TX

Customers often want to know what type of mold is growing in their residence and if it is "black mold." We do not perform mold testing; that is a separate license and should be performed from a company separate from whoever is performing the remediation work. We treat all mold like it is the harmful type and remove it.

Containment for a Mold Job in Fort Worth, TX

If a mold remediation project is in an open space, our technicians will set up a containment area with thick plastic. This prevents any mold spores from spreading throughout other areas of the property.

Leaky Icemaker causes Moldy Kitchen in Fort Worth

Water + drywall + warmth = happy mold. An ice maker leak behind a refrigerator provided the perfect habitat for microbial growth. Our technicians were able to remove all the affected materials and make it "Like it never even happened."

House Fire in Decatur, TX

A fire which started in the garage of a home in Decatur, TX resulted in a complete gut out of the residence. The home was stripped down to the studs and was ready for contractors to start the rebuild process.

Fire in Shed in Aledo, TX

A fire destroyed a shed and all its contents in a home in Aledo, TX. Our crews removed all the charred debris as well as the top layer of soot covered soil. Making it "Like it never even happened."

Leaky bathroom faucet in Haslet, TX

Customers suspected mold growth when they noticed a powdery substance on the inside of their bathroom cabinet. A slow, small leak caused the mold growth. The cabinet and surrounding drywall were removed. If you notice mold on the outside of a surface, there is usually a much larger amount behind it.

Hurricane Harvey took his toll in Houston, TX

Hurricane Harvey caused billions of dollars in damages throughout Houston and surrounding suburbs in September 2017. Our crews quickly deployed to the area to help our fellow Texans. We tore out drywall and flooring. Dried the remaining materials and doused homes with antimicrobial to eliminate mold growth. Homes were ready for contractors to start the rebuilding process.

Storm Damage on July 4th in Fort Worth

A thunderstorm caused major storm damage to a hotel in Fort Worth on July 4th. Our crews are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We immediately arranged for temporary repairs and set up drying equipment inside the affected the rooms. The hotel had as little disruption as possible.

Water Damage at a Large Church in Azle, TX

When a large church had a major water leak on a Sunday morning, our crews immediately arrived on site and began extracting water and setting up drying equipment. The drying was complete in 5 days and the church was ready for contractors to repair drywall and some older flooring.

Water Damage in Haslet, TX

A toilet leaked on the second story of a town home; and this situation went unchecked for some time. The upstairs and downstairs were completely flooded. The kitchen cabinets were also damaged.

We snapped this picture once the drywall and flooring were removed and are drying the area with our blower.  Once the area is dry, then it would be ready for a contractor to come in and start the rebuilding process.

Structure Fire in Fort Worth, Texas

This is the result from a house fire in Fort Worth, Texas. The owner was amazed that he could not smell a smoke odor when he walked through the door!

After Photo of Fire Damage in Fort Worth, Texas

Our crews did an amazing job cleaning after this fire damage.  In addition to drying out the water used in extinguishing the fire, smoke and soot will also be left on surfaces.  We have specialized cleaning tools that assist us in removing soot.  We also have industrial equipment we use to eliminate the smell of smoke from the home.

Thermal Imaging Camera

We used this thermal imaging camera at a job where there was a large water loss at a commercial building.  The camera helps us to pintpoint where water has been seeping when it may not be as visible to the naked eye.  We can use this intelligence to find the root cause of the problem.  Once resolved, we can dry out the area, remove any debris and validate with the thermal imaging camera that the problem has been dealt with and no further damage is expected.

Commercial Water Damage at a University

Water damage started in the mechanical room and affected two large aerobic rooms, indoor track, and multiple areas on first and second floor.  You'll notice in this picture how we used multiple, high-powered fans to expedite the drying process in these areas.  The goal was to remove the excess water before permanent damage was done to the flooring and track surface, and we were successful.  This saved the university thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Odor removal

Customer was complaining of an odor smell. Our crew set up our hydroxyl generator to help remove the odor.  The biggest advantage over ozone was that the business was allowed to remain open while dealing with the odor problem.  The odor was something that needed to be addressed, but wasn't so bad that people refused to deal with it while they continued to use the area.  

Residential Storm Damage

This home was struck by a tornado and suffered water damage throughout.  The high winds smashed through the windows, allowing the rain to come in damaging the furnishings and walls.  Our crews removed the damaged drywall, and furniture; and we continued to leave our blowers in place to remove all the residual moisture.    

Commercial Storm Damage

Assisted living facility damaged by freezing weather on the Northeast Coast.  Our group travelled as part of a SERVPRO Storm Team to the Northeast.  In this photo, you can see the standing water present after a pipe burst because of the sub-zero temperatures.  This isn't something we have to face often in Texas, but happens frequently up North.  Pipes that burst are generally under pressure, and quickly flood the area they're in.  A large amount of water can be spilled before there's an opportunity to shut off the main and begin the repair process.

Residential Storm Damage

Cleanup in progress of residential storm damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  In this example, our crews have removed water damaged debris.  The flooring and drywall have had to be removed as they were soaked for days.  We were able to save the framing and outside walls by drying out the home quickly and thoroughly once the excess water was removed.