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A fire sprinkler pipe break floods this local car dealership in Fort Worth, TX

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

A local car dealership in Fort Worth, TX had a fire sprinkler pipe break and flooded their Parts Department.  The phone call was dispatched after hours and our technicians arrived on the scene fast!  Drying equipment was set up to help speed up the drying process and to prevent further business interruption.  The manager was very happy with how fast we responded and the results of the completed job.  

Flooding and water damage events at Fort Worth commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.  

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

Fire Safety for your Business in Saginaw, TX

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Safety for your Business in Saginaw, TX Fire Extinguisher.

Fire safety is an important part of owning a business. Business owners have a responsibility to keep their employees, customers, and property safe from fires. Check with OSHA and NFPA for current guidelines. Here are five things you can do to promote fire safety at your business.

Fire Exits: Provide at least two fire exits, such as doors, windows, or other openings to the outdoors that can be used in case of fire emergency.

Fire Extinguishers: Provide the correct types of fire extinguishers for the types of fire hazards present. Follow the manufacturer's schedule for testing and inspecting the fire extinguishers.

Emergency Evacuation Plan: Create and post a written plan, including exit routes. Train employees on what to do in case of a fire.

Fire Prevention Plan: Identify the fire hazards, and train your employees to work safely and prevent fires.

Fire Suppression System: Install and maintain the correct fire suppression system for your type of business. If a fire occurs, the system will spray water from overhead sprinklers, sound an alarm, and alert the fire department.

Fire safety is a priority! Make sure your business is prepared for a fire emergency.

Flooded Bathroom In Saginaw, TX

8/25/2018 (Permalink)

A toilet leak caused this dentist office to flood during morning business hours.  The before picture shows how quickly a water leak can cause disruption.   SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth was called on immediately!  When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage. 

Our water damage specialists arrived within the hour. We extracted the water first and checked adjoining rooms for moisture to see if additional rooms were affected.  We set up air movers and dehumidifiers. The staff worked around our equipment and the project was finished within the week.   The owner was very satisfied there was minimal business interruption and we made it "Like it never even happened."    

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Flooding and water damage is very invasive. Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, and more.  SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth arrives quickly and starts the water extraction process almost immediately. This immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs.

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – 817-232-3333.

Who do you call at 2am?

5/30/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Who do you call at 2am? Kate Rankin and Shanler Fisher answer your emergency calls 24/7.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day by two of our office staff, Kate Rankin or Shanler Fisher. It doesn't matter if it's 2 am or 2 pm these ladies get pertinent info available such square footage affected, type of flooring, cause of loss, etc. They then dispatch the crew as quickly as possible with the equipment needed. By answering the phone ourselves and not using an answering service, we save the customer valuable time which can in turn save valuable items in the home or office. Plus, when you have a water or fire emergency talking to real person on the phone, who understands your concern and urgency, can be a comfort. SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth is here to help 24/7 365 days a year. Call us day or night at 817-232-3333. 

No job is too big for SERVPRO.

5/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchises across the country. If a large loss occurs, we have the ability to call on neighboring franchises. This ensures that the labor staff is still properly trained on how to handle fire and water emergencies. When a loss is large enough, we can also call in our Commercial Large Loss Division who are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the US.

Every large loss is supervised by a commercial operation manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation. At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. Get the professionals, call SERVPRO. Clients or the Commercial Large Loss Program include the following:

The Hospitality Industry

Property Managers



The Pentagon

SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Profile

2/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Profile SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth is faster to any size disaster.

As many as 50% of businesses may never recover following a disaster, according to the latest industry research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind.

SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth's Emergency Ready Profile includes:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth as your local Franchise Professional as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Emergency Water Extraction Specialists - Fort Worth, TX | Restaurant Bathroom Cleanup - Saginaw, TX | Water Damage Restoration Specialists - Alliance

11/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Emergency Water Extraction Specialists - Fort Worth, TX | Restaurant Bathroom Cleanup - Saginaw, TX | Water Damage Restoration Specialists - Alliance Overflowing Urinal at a Restaurant

We've all faced it at some point in our lives, the dreaded situation of water flowing over the bowl in the bathroom!  It's one thing if it happens in your own home.  You're typically able to pull the water shut off, take care of business and clean up relatively quickly.

Things get trickier when it happens in your business.   Is a customer going to notify you if they clog a toilet, or will they quietly exit the restaurant knowing the destruction that waits for the next person?  How about if a sewer problem results in a back up overnight, and you walk in the next day to find a disaster?

These scenarios are much more complicated to clean up, and can potentially be hazardous.  Beyond that, it may prevent you from being able to open your establishment at all until it's cleaned up. 

I remember this situation recently at a Starbucks in Saginaw.  I had planned a meeting there at 10a, and found the doors to be locked, and two cheery baristas waiting outside offering up iced coffee.  Iced coffee?  I'm not sure why this is a thing, but needless to say I was very disappointed I didn't have access to HOT coffee and watched about 30 people try to gain access to the restaurant in the hour I talked to my client.  Imagine how much revenue was lost during the time they had to keep their doors locked.

Our experts at SERVPRO are IICRC certified, and know how to deal with such situations quickly and thoroughly.  It may involve biohazard suits, but depending on the situation, it may be prudent for us to use these.  We'll clean up the mess, discard of the waste in an approved manner, and then disinfect the area.  We'll even remove any flooring or walls that may need to be replaced, but hopefully cleaning and drying will do the trick. 

Our teams will assess the situation, suggest a plan, and keep you in the loop about our progress, and any complications discovered during the clean up.  We recommend storing our number in your phone now: 817.232.3333.  This is the second best number to know after an emergency other than 911!  We'll do our very best to make it "Like it never even happened." and enable you to return to business.

Retail Emergency Water Extraction - NW Fort Worth, TX | Commercial Water Damage Remediation - Saginaw, TX

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Retail Emergency Water Extraction - NW Fort Worth, TX | Commercial Water Damage Remediation - Saginaw, TX Retail Water Backup in Tarrant County, Texas

Excess water can impact people's lives in a variety of ways, whether you're dealing with a situation at your home or business.  Consider the situation of a flavored popcorn store in Tarrant County.  Something went awry in their building, and by morning, water had accumulated so that it was sitting above the bottom rail of their counter.  

The water from their location, spread into their neighbor and affected their business as well.  Regardless of the cause, the main thing that a retail business needs to do is to get dried out, quickly, so that they can conduct business normally.  It's one thing when you may not be able to use your own home for a few days when dealing with emergency water extraction, but a business has a broader impact.  They have a cost associated with not being able to use their facility, but then there's the lost revenue from not being able to conduct business as the normally would.   

Retail Shopping Impacted by Water Backup 

In the case of this popcorn store, the bulk of their products were off the floor already, and undamaged by the water.  Their biggest problem was to get their display cabinets dried out fast and thoroughly to avoid any permanent damage.  

As you can see in the picture, they used fans and propped up the center displays to allow the air to blow through and around them.  They were unable to operate for just one day, and were back to business as normal (or close to it) by the weekend.  

They had the expense of getting dried out, and then had to sort things out between their own insurance company and the building's owner.  Luckily, they could get the water extracted soon after they found it, and got dried out before any permanent damage was done to their displays or equipment.

This is exactly the type of situation that SERVPRO is geared for.  Whether the situation is limited to a 1000-square-foot retail store, or a 50,000-square-foot department store, we would be ready to assist.  We have substantial equipment at the ready at each of our locations, and then each franchisee has access to emergency help from the greater network of SERVPRO professionals.  We stand ready 24/7/365 for just about any emergency, and we'll make it "Like it never even happened. ®"


Disaster Recovery Plan for Businesses - Fort Worth, TX | Importance of DRP - Tarrant County, TX | Disaster Recovery Service Specialist for Haslet, TX

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Disaster Recovery Plan for Businesses - Fort Worth, TX | Importance of DRP - Tarrant County, TX | Disaster Recovery Service Specialist for Haslet, TX You'll need more than this for your Disaster Recovery Plan


Nearly every business needs to have a Disaster Recovery Plan so that they can recover and get back to work as quickly as possible.  Whether you're dealing with water damage, fire damage or some other natural disaster, you need to have a way to clean up and get back to work.

While you are experts at your business, SERVPRO are the experts in the damage restoration business.  Once you've experienced some type of loss (and once everyone is out of immediate danger), the first thing to do is call SERVPRO.  Even before you get to page one of your Disaster Recovery Plan, simply insert our number: 817.232.3333.  Call us first, and we'll be on the scene quickly to begin the cleanup, and help you determine next steps.  We'll be able to give you an initial assessment, and let you know if your current location will be unavailable for hours, days or weeks.  

Disaster Recovery Plans are Unique and Specific

As you consider how to craft your plan, you can review the many resources available on the Internet to help you get started.  Consider obtaining this guide from Druva.  At no cost, they offer many best practice tips on how to prepare for, and recover from a disaster.  Their primary focus is on making sure that your data is saved every day, and that you have the means to restore it.  Every business, from a one-man show to a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate has data that's important to their business.  

At SERVPRO, we aren't experts in data storage or recovery, but we do know how important it can be to get your business back on track.  We can take care of removing debris, drying out water logged structures and furniture, and determine when it's safe to begin restoration of the property.  We can help get your structure back "Like it never even happened. ®"  

As we perform our magic (aka hard work with expertly trained professionals), your Disaster Recovery Plan will help you keep your business going, and hopefully your customers (and source of revenue) won't even know you had a problem!

Commercial Water Extraction | Commercial Water Damage Specialists for Fort Worth | Commercial Damage Restoration Haslet and Saginaw, TX

2/14/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Extraction | Commercial Water Damage Specialists for Fort Worth | Commercial Damage Restoration Haslet and Saginaw, TX Exterior shot of a flooded office. Cleaning out the inside will be a big job once the water recedes.

Whether you have a retail location or an office space affected by water damage, time spent cleaning is time away from allowing you to conduct business.  This can result in lost revenue and lost opportunities, and the commercial damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO are sensitive to these issues. 

We have specialized equipment that we can use to extract water faster and more efficiently than other companies can.  Once we have the bulk of the water removed, we have industrial strength vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers to help fully dry out the affected area. Our teams can help determine which items can be salvaged, and which ones must be discarded.  We can make arrangements to have debris removed from the premises.  This may include having to remove drywall or other building materials that were too severely damaged to be saved.

Fort Worth Restoration Experts are IICRC Certified

Our team includes staff that has be certified by the IICRC to know how to safely clean and restore the area.  The goal is make it “Like it never even happened.” We want to act quickly and thoroughly to reduce the possibility for mold growth to begin as this has its own set of dangers attached to it.

If we do identify mold growth, then we can begin that remediation process as well.  We have specialized suits that allow our team to safely remove mold and any affected building materials.  Once disinfected, then the rebuilding process can commence to repair the damaged areas and get you back in business.  

Some commercial structures can be quite sizable, and the great thing about working with SERVPRO is that more help can be brought to bear.  Our team in Haslet can call on the 1,600 other franchise owners in the system, and bring in the resources needed to effectively clean up the area.  Commercial restoration jobs can often be time sensitive, and our crews know how important this is.  They are trained and ready for emergency situations, and teams often travel hundreds of miles to help a fellow SERVPRO team.

If you've run into trouble, and need our commercial water damage restoration specialists on site, then call our office at 817.232.3333.  We'll assess the damage, work with your insurance company on filing a claim and get started on the cleanup.