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Biohazard Cleanup Experts for Fort Worth, Saginaw and Haslet

12/1/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard Cleanup Experts for Fort Worth, Saginaw and Haslet Biohazard Cleanup Crew

The term "Biohazard Cleanup" conjures many thoughts and emotions, and it's likely something you may never have to deal with.  However, there can be a variety of reasons you may need to call on an expert, and we're ready to help.  Our crews have been specially trained and are IICRC certified to deal with biohazard cleanup protocols.  

People often think about how these crews arrive in a movie to deal with an infectious contagion.  Our crews are similarly dressed, but we typically deal with more mundane situations like an overflowed toilet or sewage backup.  Sometimes it can be more traumatic, and involve cleaning up after the death of an animal, or even a loved one.  There's the rare circumstance when someone has taken their own life, and it's critical that a hazardous cleanup team is onsite quickly.

Biohazard Cleanup Experts for Fort Worth

No matter what the reason is for calling us in, we can help.  We can do it quickly, discretely and safely.  SERVPRO sets high standards for every employee, and we strive to operate effectively and safely for our protection and yours.  Our specialized training in dealing with hazardous substances means that we're able to property assess a situation and know when it's clean and ready for you to return.  We have specialized equipment we can use to make sure that surfaces are clean and disinfected.  We also have equipment that can remove smells from the air.  

One example is a friend of the family who had a number of cats.  She became less able to take care of herself over time, and that translated to the cats, too.  We anticipated a problem as it was evident on her clothing that her home had taken on a distinctive smell.  Whenever we went somewhere, she would always meet us on the sidewalk and would never let us into her home.  After she passed, we soon realized what happened as the cats were allowed to urinate everywhere.  The home had to be gutted, and sections of the flooring replaced.  

In the end, the structure itself was saved. It made sense to repair the home after we completed disinfecting it.  We removed the smell of the cats urine that had penetrated the home.  

If you ever have to deal with a similar situation, please call in an expert.  Dealing with hazardous biological materials can be dangerous to you and your family.  It's important to be protected during the clean up process, and we at SERVPRO have the right equipment on hand.  We've also invested training in our staff so that we know how to do it right.  Put our number in your mobile phone today: 817.232.3333.  Call on your neighbors at SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth, and we'll be out to help in a flash!

Biohazard Cleanup Specialists for Haslet, Saginaw, Fort Worth and Northwest Tarrant County

9/24/2015 (Permalink)

Biohazard Cleanup Crews

It’s no fun to think about, but sometimes we come across a situation that requires the expertise of a biohazard cleanup crew.  It’s not that common, and it’s typically not going to involve a crime, but rather just part of life. 

My mother had this situation happen to her years ago.  She had a great friend that lived nearby, David, and they would spend time together.  She always referred to themselves as “Jerry and Elaine.”  They would generally meet for coffee or dinner about once a week, but would check in every couple of days to see how the other one was doing.  One time, a couple days had passed since my mother left a message, and she thought something was up. 

She went to David’s apartment, and peeked through the window.  From there, she could see that David was on the floor and not moving.  She banged on the door a few times, but feared the worse.  She called the police, and when they got in, they found that David had a heart attack.  He hit his head, and blood was all over the floor. 

David did have an adult son, who came and assisted with the arrangements, but my mother was the one who made arrangements to clean the room before his son got there.  This was her first time in needing the services of a biohazard cleanup crew.  They were very polite and professional, dealt with the situation with the proper decorum, and restored the rooms back to normal. 

Matthew Hicks and his team at SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth are prepared to help you and your family should you ever have a situation like this arise that requires biohazard cleanup professionals.   Take a minute and put their number in your phone now, 817.232.3333.  There is an operator available 24/7.  Whether a loved one has passed away, or you are left dealing with a crime scene clean up situation, SERVPRO can help you.  They have the equipment, tools, and expertise to return your home environment, “Like it never happened”.