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HVAC Duct Cleaning Can Make a Huge Difference in your Haslet, TX Home | Air Duct Cleaning Fort Worth, TX

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning HVAC Duct Cleaning Can Make a Huge Difference in your Haslet, TX Home | Air Duct Cleaning Fort Worth, TX HVAC Ductwork in Attic In Texas Home

Summertime means it's HOT in Texas!  Our HVAC units are working overtime to keep us cool.  I'm sure you've heard the mantra of changing your air filter, but if you haven't had the ductwork inspected in a while, it may be prudent to have us take a look.

HVAC Duct Cleaning When It's Needed

We don't just start to work cleaning without first doing a thorough inspection and determine if cleaning it is really necessary.  If our inspection shows a potential problem, we'll review it with you first, and make a recommendation on how to best proceed.  

Our cleaning methodologies can help to remove dust, pollen, odors, dirt, debris and other contaminants.  Removing these potential irritants will mean less opportunities for hazards in your home, and will extend the life of your HVAC equipment, too!  At SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth, we have specialized training so that we know what to look for, and how to evaluate the potential hazards we find.  We have a variety of equipment we can starting with vacuums, but we also have other tools that can go to the next level if necessary and appropriate.  

Give us a call today and we can talk about your current situation, and outline some plans of action.  Call us at 817.232.3333.

Grease Fire Tips for Fort Worth, TX Restaurants and Cooks | Haslet and Saginaw Fire Restoration Experts

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Grease Fire Tips for Fort Worth, TX Restaurants and Cooks | Haslet and Saginaw Fire Restoration Experts Commercial Grease Fire

I'm sure you've heard this by now, but grease fires are VERY different from other types of fires.  Whether you're at home, or working in a commercial restaurant or helping to make burritos at church on Sunday, knowing the basics can help you in a crisis! 

Grease Fire - Action Plan

When grease does catch, here are some of the things you CAN do to help:

  • Put the lid on the pan to choke out the fire.  Fire needs oxygen, and if you can eliminate its source, it will burn out.
  • Use baking soda to smother the fire.  Flour and other items will NOT work.
  • Use a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher  A commercial kitchen should have these handy, and you can get one for your home from Amazon from the link above.
  • Call 911

Grease Fire  - Don't

  • Don't use water to attempt to extinguish the flames.  It will simply spread the fire, and won't help.
  • Don't attempt to move it.  The grease could splash, and you might spread the fire, or burn yourself in the process.
  • Use anything other than a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher or baking soda.  Other solutions will NOT help!

One the fire is out, assess the situation.  Depending on the severity, it may be prudent to call us at SERVPRO to check it out.  We have IICRC training to understand fire damage, and we know the best ways to mitigate it.  Put our number in your phone today so you have it handy, 817 232 3333.   When disaster strikes, get somewhere safe, call 911 first, and then call SERVPRO!  

Retail Emergency Water Extraction - NW Fort Worth, TX | Commercial Water Damage Remediation - Saginaw, TX

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Retail Emergency Water Extraction - NW Fort Worth, TX | Commercial Water Damage Remediation - Saginaw, TX Retail Water Backup in Tarrant County, Texas

Excess water can impact people's lives in a variety of ways, whether you're dealing with a situation at your home or business.  Consider the situation of a flavored popcorn store in Tarrant County.  Something went awry in their building, and by morning, water had accumulated so that it was sitting above the bottom rail of their counter.  

The water from their location, spread into their neighbor and affected their business as well.  Regardless of the cause, the main thing that a retail business needs to do is to get dried out, quickly, so that they can conduct business normally.  It's one thing when you may not be able to use your own home for a few days when dealing with emergency water extraction, but a business has a broader impact.  They have a cost associated with not being able to use their facility, but then there's the lost revenue from not being able to conduct business as the normally would.   

Retail Shopping Impacted by Water Backup 

In the case of this popcorn store, the bulk of their products were off the floor already, and undamaged by the water.  Their biggest problem was to get their display cabinets dried out fast and thoroughly to avoid any permanent damage.  

As you can see in the picture, they used fans and propped up the center displays to allow the air to blow through and around them.  They were unable to operate for just one day, and were back to business as normal (or close to it) by the weekend.  

They had the expense of getting dried out, and then had to sort things out between their own insurance company and the building's owner.  Luckily, they could get the water extracted soon after they found it, and got dried out before any permanent damage was done to their displays or equipment.

This is exactly the type of situation that SERVPRO is geared for.  Whether the situation is limited to a 1000-square-foot retail store, or a 50,000-square-foot department store, we would be ready to assist.  We have substantial equipment at the ready at each of our locations, and then each franchisee has access to emergency help from the greater network of SERVPRO professionals.  We stand ready 24/7/365 for just about any emergency, and we'll make it "Like it never even happened. ®"


Disaster Recovery Plan for Businesses - Fort Worth, TX | Importance of DRP - Tarrant County, TX | Disaster Recovery Service Specialist for Haslet, TX

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Disaster Recovery Plan for Businesses - Fort Worth, TX | Importance of DRP - Tarrant County, TX | Disaster Recovery Service Specialist for Haslet, TX You'll need more than this for your Disaster Recovery Plan


Nearly every business needs to have a Disaster Recovery Plan so that they can recover and get back to work as quickly as possible.  Whether you're dealing with water damage, fire damage or some other natural disaster, you need to have a way to clean up and get back to work.

While you are experts at your business, SERVPRO are the experts in the damage restoration business.  Once you've experienced some type of loss (and once everyone is out of immediate danger), the first thing to do is call SERVPRO.  Even before you get to page one of your Disaster Recovery Plan, simply insert our number: 817.232.3333.  Call us first, and we'll be on the scene quickly to begin the cleanup, and help you determine next steps.  We'll be able to give you an initial assessment, and let you know if your current location will be unavailable for hours, days or weeks.  

Disaster Recovery Plans are Unique and Specific

As you consider how to craft your plan, you can review the many resources available on the Internet to help you get started.  Consider obtaining this guide from Druva.  At no cost, they offer many best practice tips on how to prepare for, and recover from a disaster.  Their primary focus is on making sure that your data is saved every day, and that you have the means to restore it.  Every business, from a one-man show to a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate has data that's important to their business.  

At SERVPRO, we aren't experts in data storage or recovery, but we do know how important it can be to get your business back on track.  We can take care of removing debris, drying out water logged structures and furniture, and determine when it's safe to begin restoration of the property.  We can help get your structure back "Like it never even happened. ®"  

As we perform our magic (aka hard work with expertly trained professionals), your Disaster Recovery Plan will help you keep your business going, and hopefully your customers (and source of revenue) won't even know you had a problem!

Mold Remediation Experts for Halset, TX | Mold Inspection Fort Worth, TX | Black Mold Removal - Saginaw, TX

3/17/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation Experts for Halset, TX | Mold Inspection Fort Worth, TX | Black Mold Removal - Saginaw, TX Mold Remediation from Leaky Windows

In this example, the homeowner started to notice a funny smell in their home.  It was that tell-tale "musty odor" that lets you know there's a problem, but you can't tell exactly what or where the problem is.

The client started moving things around and finally noticed that mold had begun developing behind where their son's bed was placed in his room.  They didn't realize that the window outside his room was leaking, and mold started to develop.  They knew that having mold in their home, especially near where their son spends 8 hours or more each day is probably not a good thing.  

Our role in mold remediation is not to guess about the medical problems that may or may not stem from it, but work to remove it.  As you can tell from this picture, something doesn't look right, and it needs to be removed, and sanitized.  

Mold Remediation and Structural Restoration

Our goal in any situation is to limit the cost of restoring your home back to the way it was.  We seek to find a balance between cleaning walls and floors, and removing affected carpeting, drywall, and support structures.  Our crews that work on mold remediation have received specialized training and are certified by the IICRC.  

As a result, our crews know what to look for, and can properly determine if the affected areas can be cleaned and sanitized, or must be removed and rebuilt.  In some cases, they may attempt to clean the affected areas, and determine afterward if that will suffice or if further construction will be necessary.  We will discuss our plans with you and your insurance company and determine the best AND SAFEST way to proceed for all involved.  At SERVPRO, we seek to make it “Like it never even happened.”  

If you smell that funny smell in your home, have us out to conduct a mold inspection so that we can determine next steps.  Call us today at 817.232.3333.

Break-In Clean Up | Crime Scene Clean Up Specialists for Fort Worth | Saginaw TX | Haslet

2/14/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Break-In Clean Up | Crime Scene Clean Up Specialists for Fort Worth | Saginaw TX | Haslet Homeless People have Invaded a Home and Enjoy an Impromptu Picnic

I was confronted with an idea about crime scene clean up I hadn't thought of while watching a TV Show recently.  In the Season 2 Premier of the show Baskets on the FX Network, the main character has tagged along with a group of homeless clowns.  They travel on empty freight trains, and arrived at one town in the rain.  They soon find a home with no car in the driveway and newspapers piled up on the porch and realize that no one is home.  

One small window break later allows the group quick access, and soon they're enjoying quick a picnic at the dining room table.  Meanwhile their clothes are drying on makeshift drying line strung through the house.  Once they're done with dinner, someone raids the medicine cabinet, finds some prescriptions the homeowners left behind, and soon everyone is asleep.

The main character, Baskets, has a moment of reflection while they're eating and asks the ring-leader, "What happens when these people come home?" to which he answers, "We'll be long gone, and State Farm's Home Insurance will clean it all up!"

I would hope that this isn't a common occurrence, but as you watch the situation play out, it's clear that this probably happens more often than we think.  Strangers in our homes that don't have a care in the world doing whatever they want without fear of consequence.  

The clean up crew at SERVPRO has seen it all, whether we need to clean up after some uncaring hobos or even take care of a biohazard situation after a more heinous crime.  We have the proper equipment to handle the clean up safely, efficiently and effectively.  We can disinfect the carpeting, furniture, etc doing all we can to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Give our expert crime scene clean up specialists a call.  In fact, why not put our number in your phone now, so that when emergency strikes, and you have to leave quickly, you'll be able to make the call.  817.232.3333

Commercial Water Extraction | Commercial Water Damage Specialists for Fort Worth | Commercial Damage Restoration Haslet and Saginaw, TX

2/14/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Extraction | Commercial Water Damage Specialists for Fort Worth | Commercial Damage Restoration Haslet and Saginaw, TX Exterior shot of a flooded office. Cleaning out the inside will be a big job once the water recedes.

Whether you have a retail location or an office space affected by water damage, time spent cleaning is time away from allowing you to conduct business.  This can result in lost revenue and lost opportunities, and the commercial damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO are sensitive to these issues. 

We have specialized equipment that we can use to extract water faster and more efficiently than other companies can.  Once we have the bulk of the water removed, we have industrial strength vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers to help fully dry out the affected area. Our teams can help determine which items can be salvaged, and which ones must be discarded.  We can make arrangements to have debris removed from the premises.  This may include having to remove drywall or other building materials that were too severely damaged to be saved.

Fort Worth Restoration Experts are IICRC Certified

Our team includes staff that has be certified by the IICRC to know how to safely clean and restore the area.  The goal is make it “Like it never even happened.” We want to act quickly and thoroughly to reduce the possibility for mold growth to begin as this has its own set of dangers attached to it.

If we do identify mold growth, then we can begin that remediation process as well.  We have specialized suits that allow our team to safely remove mold and any affected building materials.  Once disinfected, then the rebuilding process can commence to repair the damaged areas and get you back in business.  

Some commercial structures can be quite sizable, and the great thing about working with SERVPRO is that more help can be brought to bear.  Our team in Haslet can call on the 1,600 other franchise owners in the system, and bring in the resources needed to effectively clean up the area.  Commercial restoration jobs can often be time sensitive, and our crews know how important this is.  They are trained and ready for emergency situations, and teams often travel hundreds of miles to help a fellow SERVPRO team.

If you've run into trouble, and need our commercial water damage restoration specialists on site, then call our office at 817.232.3333.  We'll assess the damage, work with your insurance company on filing a claim and get started on the cleanup.

Home Inventory App for Disaster Recovery Preparedness - Fort Worth - Haslet - Saginaw

12/30/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Home Inventory App for Disaster Recovery Preparedness - Fort Worth - Haslet - Saginaw Know Your Stuff App Screen Shot

Many disaster preparedness checklists include the step of making a home inventory.  This seems like a daunting task to document the items in your home, but as you start, it's clear that taking the time to do this would be valuable.  There are a number of tools available on the market, and one in particular seemed worthy of a review.  Today I tried out "Know Your Stuff" from the Insurance Information Institute.  

I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and am running the latest iteration of the operating system, iOS 10.2.  The app name is "Know Your Stuff" and was initially released November 19, 2015, and was last updated December 9, 2016, version 2.1.3.  It was easy to establish a new account, and I was able to access my information on the app, or via a web browser on my desktop.  

Home Inventory App - The Good 

The app seems to have most of the elements you'd want to have in a home inventory tool.  It allows you to take a picture of the item in question, add the make, model, serial numbers, description, notes, and more for every item.  You could also easily group things together like "pots and pans" and just reference the brand name of the set.  

The app allows you to store information for multiple homes, and create multiple rooms within each home so that it's very organized as to where everything is.  

Home Inventory App - The Bad

The biggest downside I found was that it would not allow me to add pictures directly from the app.  As with other iOS apps, it includes the feature to "take a photo" or "Choose from Photo Library."  I tried about a dozen times, and it never allowed me to "take a photo." The app always crashed at this point, and anything I was working on was lost.  However, if I took the picture first, then went into the app, and picked "choose from Photo Library" then it worked fine. It seemed to upload the picture at full resolution as each photo takes a while to upload.  This is an area where I think the developers could get some input from underwriters and have a better understanding of what clarity of photo is valuable in assessing a claim.  I'm guessing that having a 5MB photo of a $300 computer printer isn't really necessary.

Home Inventory App - Considerations

As you think about which app to use, the biggest thing to worry about is the time you invest in taking the inventory, and will the information be accessible when you need it.  I entered a couple of items, and created a report and it was a nice, robust, detailed list of items.  I could envision taking a home inventory with a couple hundred entries and saving the spreadsheet myself in Dropbox, iCloud or some other secure cloud storage.  This would keep the inventory safe should a disaster strike.  

The other thing to consider is the app developer and their commitment to updating it.  In this instance, the Insurance Information Institute has been around for nearly 60 years and includes a huge list of participants.  I would expect that they're going to continue to support and enhance this tool so that it will be around for many years.  The photos from the report I downloaded were saved on Amazon's cloud servers, and I would believe that these will be safe and secure for the foreseeable future. 

What's the bottom line?  I'd give this app a B for now.  It seems to have most of the features I'd want to have, but needs to be able to take pictures while I'm adding items.  If you find another inventory app worthy of review, please let us know and we'll check it out!  


Water Damage Prevention Tips - Restoration Experts for Haslet - Fort Worth - NW Tarrant County

12/23/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Prevention Tips - Restoration Experts for Haslet - Fort Worth - NW Tarrant County Attic HVAC with Condensate Pan and Drain

Living in Texas means living and working in environments with air conditioning.  It's hard to imagine how the first Texans lived here before AC was invented!  Since most Texas homes don't have basements, air conditioning evaporator coils are typically in the AC cabinet in the attic.  Left unchecked, this condensation can collect in the pan, and if the drainage tube is blocked, it will overflow into your house causing water damage.  

Prevent Water Damage Before it Occurs

In hot, humid climates like ours, these drain tubes can become blocked with algae that may grow.  Once this is blocked, the water will collect in the pan, but this is typically only about 1" high and will only contain the overflow for so long.  Once the water leaks over the edge, it can flow onto your ceiling, and down the walls damaging drywall and causing water damage.  

As water accumulates, it creates a perfect environment for mildew and mold to develop which can be dangerous for your family.  If this should happen to you, then the experts at SERVPRO can be on hand quickly.  We have specialized equipment to dry out the area, and can bring in experts to review the HVAC system and make sure the drainage line is clear.  Our crew can remove any damaged drywall sections, and get the area prepared for contractors to come in and restore the walls.  

Recommended Prevention Tips

The simplest recommendation is to contact an HVAC professional in your area to review your system, and make sure the drainage tube is clear and working properly.  Many HVAC companies have regular maintenance programs that will include bi-annual inspections, and often give you priority service should you have a problem.  If you would like a recommendation, feel free to call our office, and we'll be happy to recommend some professionals in the area that we trust.

If you have the do-it-yourself mentality, then there are many videos and tools online that offer advice on how to inspect and clean this tube.  It's important to look for solutions for attic-based systems as other areas that use AC typically put their units in the basement.  One such relevant article we found while researching this article was from an AC professional in Houston. Click here to read their tips.

If you have any questions about this, or other ways to prevent water damage in your home, give us a call at 817.232.3333.  Why not program our number into your phone now, so you'll have it on hand in case of emergency?  We'll be here when you need us!

Storm Damage Preparedness Tips from Restoration Experts for Fort Worth, Saginaw and Haslet

12/23/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Preparedness Tips from Restoration Experts for Fort Worth, Saginaw and Haslet Tornado Creating Storm Damage in Texas!

One thing Northerners are quick to point out is that they don't often have to deal with the violent storms we get in the Spring and Fall in North Texas.  (Nor do they see many armadillos or rattlesnakes!)  Unlike a hurricane, there typically isn't much warning, and before you know it, you're dealing with storm damage to clean up.

Storm Damage Preparedness Tips

First, put our number in your phone: 817.232.3333.  If you're in a situation where a storm has damaged your home, it's likely you'll get your loved ones out and you may be sitting in your car or at the neighbor's house wondering what to do next.  When you have SERVPRO's number handy, we'll be ready for you!

Next, consider your insurance.  Do you have the right kind?  We're often interested in getting the best price, but around here, we really need to find the best value because nearly every Texan has to deal with storm damage at some point.  Ask your agent what your coverage is like if you suffer storm damage.  What about flooding?  If you don't live in a flood zone, it's relatively inexpensive to carry flood insurance, and you'll be covered.  Your agent will have the details, and if you need a referral, please give us a call.

The next project to tackle is to take an inventory of your personal property.  The Insurance Information Institute has a free app for iOS and Android that can simplify the process. Click here for details.

Take a look around your home, and make sure that everything is secure.  Make a visual inspection of your roof and look for any potential problems.  Make sure any carports or porches are secured to the home, and their posts are fastened to the ground.

Many roofers will offer a free inspection of your roof.  Make sure you get a reputable referral.  If something sounds fishy, then it may be prudent to have a home inspector out.  While they often review a home prior to purchase, they often review homes that have been lived in a while and can make recommendations on maintenance.  

Seal the windows and doors.  North Texas weather has a tendency to damage the seals over time, and it's prudent to go back over these periodically.

Finally, as you watch the weather, when you know there may be trouble coming, make sure the yard is clear.  Secure any furniture, make sure gardening tools are put away.  Anything left out can become a missile in high winds, and a few minutes of care can remove these dangers.

Hopefully these tips will be useful to you and your family.  If you do suffer storm damage, then we're here to help.  Call us at 817.232.3333.  We'll work with you and your insurance company to help make it... "Like it never even happened."